Sunday, January 29, 2017


John Caulfied will be well advised to spank his keeper Mark McNulty for getting involved in the melee that following Patrick McClean's foul on former Blues Sean Maguire during the second half. He ran more than half the length of the field to get involved and his involvement could easily have sparked a much more serious incident. He was quite rightly booked by the referee.

Blues fans were saddened to see Seanie Maguire stretchered off and concerned at the rash tackle by captain Patrick McClean but they were incensed by the carry on of McNulty. He would be well advised to take example from his opposite number whose outing from start to finish was disciplined and composed.

And maybe someone upstairs in Cork City would have a word with Caulfield himself. Comments allegedly attributed to him afterwards on the issue were irresponsible and inflammatory, if accurate.


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