Tuesday, March 15, 2016

11 March, RSC, Waterford

Blues 2, Limerick FC 5
Still nothing on the board after two games and the Blues occupy a familiar place in the league - looking up at all the other teams. Blues fans have every reason to be worried but hopes are still high that fortunes will improve.

Limerick are clear favourites for the league this year not just because they are the best team but also because they have the most money....and all football fans know that money wins leagues...simple as. True they were miles better than the Blues last Friday night at the RSC and they are unlikely to lose more than a few games this season even if they lose that many.

Roddy's boys were solid from the off and held their own for the first twenty minutes. After that it was a matter of how many and it turned out to be five. The third goal just on the stroke of half time was the killer.

Very few stand outs in blue shirts to be honest except maybe for James O'Brien but this is not to say that the players did not try or indeed work hard. To a man they did but they were simply outclassed from start to finish. The game time will for sure benefit the players but how soon will the fans see some pay back?

The same fans were magnificent once again. It is amazing how the they out perform all others off the field yet the players cannot even come close on the field.....difficult for travelling fans to accept and every one of those in the seven hundred plus crowd at the RSC must have thought the same.

The last ten minutes saw a late burst of energy from the Blues which produced two goals courtesy of James O'Brien but it was never to be anything but a consolation as the visitor went on to score again in the last minute.

The only was is up...roll on next Friday when the Blues visit the students of UCD and who knows....

C'mon the Blues!

Blues: Corey Chambers, Robbie Buckley, Jimmy Dermody (Dylan Maguire 46), Ian Sinnott, Shane Mackey, David O'Leary, Anthony McAlavey (Darren Murphy 63), James O'Brien, Sean Byrne (Aaron O'Connor 46), Phillip Gorman, Eoin Rhodes. Subs not used: Dean Broaders, Dean Reidy, Colum Nugent, Kevin Burns.

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