Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Sleeping Giant Awakens

And so a long and arduous season comes to an end, unfortunately with another narrow defeat. Definitely the story of the season - competing well, plenty of signs of talent and flair but the wiser heads we were up against just doing enough to take the points. Haven't counted but there must be a lot of one goal defeats.

Well done the club on throwing on entertainment before the game - a great gesture much appreciated by all present. Well done the Board, the Management Committee and all staff for continuing to maintain the club's standards on Friday nights and other match days - a huge amount of voluntary work done by dedicated people, not always recognised. While we may have struggled on the pitch, the quality of the overall package on a Friday night never varied.

Well done to the players and coaching staff - as Roddy said in his words to the fans, great comfort must be taken from the fact that everyone who wore the shirt gave 100% at all times. It is immeasurably more important to have players committed to giving everything rather than having to rely on a few gifted prima-donnas who put it in one week but not the next. Great courage was shown at all times and apart from a few aberrations, we got full value for our money - particularly in the latter half of the season.

Well done to the Block E boys and all the other dedicated supporters who sat or stood elsewhere - perhaps those with more sensitive ear-drums who couldn't handle the noise in with the Ultras. This hardcore bunch certainly made themselves heard home and away all season. Why they even kept Robert Birdsall quiet for a few minutes on Friday night when he joined them.

So the wait begins and the re-building starts. Hopefully the bright intent which is evident will blossom and when the new season comes we'll have a squad ready to compete for the title. This return is a long time coming but to quote Roddy - the sleeping giant is on the march.


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