Saturday, May 16, 2015

Welcome Roddy

Friday night saw the introduction of Roddy Collins as the Blues' new manager who was appointed during last week to take over the reins from Tommy Griffin. The guys at Travel With The Blues would like to wish him the very best of luck as he takes over the reins from one of the most popular men around the RSC.
Tommy Griffin is to be admired for standing aside to allow this move and all Blues' fans will hope that his relationship with the new gaffer will develop for the good of the club. He has so much to offer this club.
For sure Roddy Collins has a presence - a larger than life character that might be just what is required at the RSC.  He also brings a great deal of managerial experience to the RSC and is a man with great reach into the football community and with it the very best of connections. It remains to be seen if all of these can be employed for the better of the club and with the summer transfer season just a few weeks away Blues fans will be watching developments very closely. Get it all right Roddy and canonisation in a blue shirt awaits you.

Blues fans should acknowledge the contribution of the clubs officers in this initiative. Much maligned, more often than not, wrongly, their efforts as always should be appreciated. And Blues' fans should not overlook the fact that a number of other mostly 'faceless' Blues' fans have made all of this possible and these guys also deserve thanks for giving the Club the chance to restore itself to its proper place in Irish football.
Blues' fans are tired of playing the Cobhs, Wexfords and Cabinteeleys of this country. We must get back to playing against the very best in the Premier Division.


Friday night was an important first step and there was certainly an improved atmosphere around the RSC. However it cannot all be done by the guys on the field or on the line or by the club officials or by those behind the scenes. The fans must play their part also by getting bums on seats. They must show confidence in the future of the club and show patience because there will be plenty of hiccups in the weeks and months ahead. Get your ass down to the RSC for home games at least and drag another one with you. In years to come be in a position to say that you were on board when the recovery of this great club kick started!

C'mon the Blues!

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